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What Makes A Good Social Media Manager?

After submitting an article describing a few of the struggles B2B marketers believe on social networking, a number of our followers on Instagram started expressing their views on the situation. "It is not difficult," states @social_marketing_doctors. "The wrong men and women do this. It should not...

90% of Marketers See Revenue Impact from Social Media

Ninety percent of societal marketers stated investing in social networking has an immediate impact on earnings and 71% said that they provide helpful insights into groups beyond the branches, each a poll that social networking marketing platform Sprout Social shared using Mobile Marketer. However, 53 percent of C-level marketers struggle to...

Startups Tips For Social Media Marketing

Startups Media Marketing
Social networking marketing is a superb way to help establish your own startup. It's cheap and powerful -- if you've got a strategy. Where do you begin? How do you attract customers through platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.)? This guide can help you answer these questions...


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